Benefit from BIM

Process-oriented work with the digital building model gives contractors the overview they need.

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If you want to be innovative, you have to be prepared to throw old ways of thinking overboard. This also applies in particular to working with the digital building model. Buildings are getting smarter and smarter, and you need an ever-increasing amount of information.

The BIM methodology enables all relevant data and information to be available to all project participants.

This ensures transparency, efficiency and a smooth process over the entire life cycle of a building – from planning and execution to operation.

How do you benefit with BIM?

  • Improved communication
  • Individual planning reliability for complex construction projects
  • Transparent financial controlling
  • Central data model
  • Timely error analysis
  • Value enhancement through new opportunities in construction project management
  • International competitive advantage
  • Simplified information management
  • Schedule reliability and costs
  • Efficiency and quality at the highest level

Individual BIM Services

BIM Consultant

We analyze the requirements for you and create easily comprehensible contractual bases to ensure uniform and usable data structures for the economic success of the project for the client.

BIM Implementation

Based on the contractual principles, we support you in the partner-like implementation with your contractors in order to document and ensure the smooth project realization through knowledge transfer.

BIM Objects

For easy utilization of your data and to ensure continuous workflows and object relationships, your objects are adapted to the requirements and implemented in the project for quality assurance.

BIM Rules and Regulations

For you as the client, the rulebooks are the guarantee that quality is ensured technically and organizationally through practical know-how and that you can always rely on a buildable solution using the rulebooks.

BIM Scan

The digital twin gives you security and creates confidence in the billing of services by your contractors. For the first time, this trend-setting technology makes it possible to realize a contract-target and contract-actual comparison by means of the as-built documentation in an uncomplicated way.

BIM Templates

Our templates offer a quick and efficient start for your contractors to generate consistent and usable data for your economic benefit.

BIM Training

True to the guiding principle that BIM should create transparency, we want to share our expertise in BIM management, coordination and modeling to grow together.

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Classic BIM Services

BIM Project Management

The project manager focuses on the setup in the project so that all framework conditions for a usable data strategy are in place and continuously controls this with a focus on improvement and optimization potential in coordination with the client and the project stakeholders.

BIM Project Control

The project control ensures the flow in the project and is responsible for ensuring that there are no delays in the delivery of information and data.

BIM Overall Coordinator

The overall coordinator guarantees a high-quality model in coordination with all project participants and ensures that the data flow works.

BIM Technical Coordinator

The technical coordinator is usually located at the contractor and ensures that high quality models are delivered.

BIM Modeler

The modeler creates the models based on the specifications and is an important success factor for the creation of usable data.

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